Prima S.r.l. represents more than thirthy years of experience in several branches, with an active company’s organizational layout and highly skilled professionals.


PRIMA S.r.l. is an Engineering company founded in 1985; its mission comprehends all types of activities aimed to conception, development and manufacture of technologically advanced products and processes.
Design, Structural Calculation, Manufacturing of Machinery/Equipment and Technical Managing of Construction Sites constitute the principal strength of everyday commitment for company’s technical structure.

Technical Management Raffaele Balloni   –  Sales Manager: Lorenzo Bitossi


The environment before

In all carried out designs of systems and machinery, Prima S.r.l. is always deeply concerned and engaged in problems of appropriate technologies and materials application to safeguard environment and working people safety conditions.

Already In the past years, Prima S.r.l. behaved as an advanced pioneer in the development and setup of innovative applications, allowing effective and significant improvements also for users.

Some applicative examples:  

  • Substitution of the traditional sandblasting or polishing systems normally applied in railway axles and wheelsets cleaning evolved by means of sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) based products has highly improved working conditions while reducing processing cost.
  • Substitution of electrical resistance heating technics for heating process of railway wheels and disk brakes with induction heating technology has highly improved working safety levels while cutting energy consumption costs up to 70 % of traditional processes usually applying electric ovens.l’abbattimento di oltre il 70% dei consumi di corrente.

Prima Future

PRIMA S.r.l. mission and concept is simple and ambitious at the same time, participating by means of our advanced know-how and deep competence to a continuously creating and evolving process/products and innovative services also allowing improving actual global society. Prima S.r.l. afford all such hard challenges achieving such goals always and only awarding maximum commitment and high professional value to development of working people.

This essential conception constitutes the core of Prima S.r.l. mission and commitment for innovation, being at the deepest base of every community progress and advance anywhere in our planet.

In order to contribute to a respectful, safer and civilized world, together with maximum quality daily experiences, Prima S.r.l. and its partners continuously makes any efforts to create the premises for a better future.

Because our future is for everybody.



Progettazione, Calcolo Strutturale, Produzione e Sperimentazione costituiscono i punti di forza del quotidiano impegno della struttura tecnica ed organizzativa della società.


Tutta la garanzia della qualità in ogni attività sviluppata; questo è il punto di partenza di ogni progetto PRIMA S.r.l.


Tutto il complesso delle attrezzature software e hardware viene mantenuto in continua evoluzione ed al passo con lo sviluppo tecnologico del settore.


L’approccio dinamico e propositivo, che unisce il pensiero creativo a quello analitico, consente l’ideazione di sempre nuove soluzioni.


La professionalità e l’efficienza hanno consentito di costruire negli anni rapporti di partnership con alcune fra le più importanti aziende a livello mondiale.


PRIMA S.r.l. svolge attività di servizio relative alla gestione delle attività produttive ed a quelle tipicamente di natura contabile ed amministrativa.



New ideas are the basic means to express the passion for our work, and even after 30 years of activities in several industrial/technological fields, it is impossible to try …

The Quality

Quality System management and warranty is included in every developed activity, constituting the starting point for all kind of project processed by PRIMA S.r.l. Highest…

The Activities

PRIMA S.r.l. has an extensive, deep and thorough work experience in several fields of industrial manufacture; our dynamic and proposal-rich approach to any job, enables creation…


Starting from preliminary R&D, study and design activities of highest systemistic level, also including first definition of products functional, working and structural specifications…

Structural analysis and simulation,
and Crash analysis

PRIMA S.r.l. company organisation also includes a highly skilled team, fully involved in structural analyses and mechanical simulation jobs…

Manufacturing, installation
and construction site activities

PRIMA S.r.l. also has a deeply proven technical knowledge, in addition to design and calculation, to carryout manufacturing and development for production of machinery, direction, …

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