Manufacturing, installation and construction site activities

Turnkey solutions

PRIMA S.r.l. also has a deeply proven technical knowledge, in addition to design and calculation, to carryout manufacturing and development for production of machinery, direction, site management and technical organization of external work teams with specialists and fully competent team completely involved in present task.
For over ten years PRIMA S.r.l. has been actively working on completion of its project/design commitments, extending its expertise as a manufacturer of special, automatic, prototypes and laboratory machinery particularly conceived for many different industrial projects, also reaching very high level for innovative and technological applications.
Specifically for the Railway transportation field, and with particular reference to commitments for revamping of existing vehicles, PRIMA S.r.l. is able to supply complete technical support for design, manufacturing and application of structural and detail carpentry modifications of rolling stock carriage bodies, installation of equipment and subsystems, in addition to measurement programs including stress/strain testing, CND inspections, tests, working procedures and cycles, safety certification, etc.

PRIMA S.r.l. integrates its structure with a staff appointed to support all service activities related to the management of production process (supply and organization of manufacturing and installation commitments) and those typically related to accounting and administrative managing, as part of its above mentioned integrated quality certifications.

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