Structural Analysis and Simulation,
and Crash Analysis

Reliability you can count on

PRIMA S.r.l. company organisation also includes a highly skilled team, fully involved in structural analyses and mechanical simulation jobs; equipped with several most advanced and efficient software tools (Ansys & HyperWorks packages) for Structural FEA and Kinematic/Dynamic simulation calculation, they also achieved a very long time (more than 25 years) and deep experience and know-how by successfully solving many important and hard problems in civil, industrial and defense application fields, allowing to face and fulfill design tasks of great commitment and complexity.
In addition to more tradictional structural analyses, PRIMA S.r.l. can also carry out with maximum competence highly advanced problems of structure crash, shock, drop etc. by means of explicit time-domain integration solvers SW tools for non-linear problems of top level of difficulty and complexity; the fully developed long and deep experience are a strong basis of success guarantee in all such kind of applications.
In order to improve and fulfill any FEA modeling problem and specification, correctly reproducing physical/mechanical conditions and phenomena PRIMA S.r.l. takes great advantages of up-to-date very efficient and productive pre-processor tools, such as Hypermesh package, minimizing and supplying maximum reliability support to problem calculation development and solution.
Into the same field of calculation, PRIMA S.r.l. has also achieved a very good experience in set up and development of specifically designed software tools for many different kinds of industrial problems applications and solution.

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