Constant drive for development

Starting from preliminary R&D, study and design activities of highest systemistic level, also including first definition of products functional, working and structural specifications, and up to production and collection of manufacturing documents with related supply specifications and manuals, PRIMA S.r.l. can confidently face and complete most of great responsibility and complexity tasks.
Referring to tools and instruments for project development, PRIMA S.r.l. is equipped with an efficient and up-to-date local network integrating latest hardware systems also provided with several efficient graphics devices managed by a full series of software CAD/CAM packages for integrated design and drawing. The whole complex of equipment is continuously upgrade keeping up with related technological development.

Software CAD/CAM packages for integrated design:

  • Catia
  • Solid Works
  • ProEngineer/Creo
  • Solid Edge
  • A utodesk Inventor
  • A utodesk Autocad

Number of employees involved in design team:

  • n.10 people

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