New ideas are the basic means to express the passion for our work, and even after 30 years of activities in several industrial/technological fields, it is impossible to try to list all of their innovative conceptions. In every activity, starting from the easiest and up to the most advanced projects, all enthusiasm, dedication and concentration we have always shown to face every kind of task, always pushed us to launch ourselves towards innovative contents. This concept, which is in the same core meaning of the company’s acronym, in the broadest sense, the “mission” that has resulted in a huge number of projects initiated and developed at all levels, but always completed with the highest possible results.

The same motivation to build-up, to develop and evolve any new conception lies in any designer’s soul, based on his critical approach to every new project he undertakes. It constitutes the most successful completion of daily efforts, with total concentration and with the right balance between analysis and synthesis in dealing with a technical or technological challenge, giving substance to the “ideas” that many have envied and still envy us. Without this passion and urge to face new challenges, such professional growth above and beyond the experience level would be impossible. It is into critical and curious perspectives we find the deep motivations to keep the level of our willingness and engagement at top, in the research of the “new” and the “best”.

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